CJ, mein kleines Mondlicht,

I haven’t written in a long while, for reasons that You know well. Yet, how much can one stand the inevitable pain that comes from kicking against the goads? And yet, I vowed that I would never write for anyone else but You. As in many other things, I am bound by my word and must fulfil it (Ps 15:4; Deut 23:21,23). Ergo, feeling the spurs from Above to use what I was given, I need to write now in the hopes that my shared knowledge, or lack thereof, might bring glory to God and be useful to my fellow men, and I do fulfil my vow by addressing my writings to You even as I make them public.

Now, all of this might sound like me being under a yoke, but You also know that I’m doing it with gusto because I love You profoundly. You know that I do what I do for You. Through You, God brings out the talents He’s given me and pulls me closer to Him. You are my Jacob’s Ladder and, yea, my Cross. It is not the Will of the One Who loved You and me into existence, that without You I be made perfect.

These writings, like any others of mine, belong to You, Cindy.

In Mary Immaculate, and for the greater glory of God, I remain,

Yours, always and in all ways.